Meet The Team

The Radon Guy's... Guys

Meet the team! With thousands of homes mitigated, these are the guys that help make your radon worries go away!


John Ottwein

The Radon Guy. John started mitigating radon back in 2008 in a little town called Edwardsville, Illinois. After deciding to move to Nashville in 2013, John decided to start his own company--The Radon Guy. In his free time John enjoys cooking for his wife, drumming and playing with his dogs Eddie and Darbie.

Zane Smith

Zane previously worked in marketing in Kansas City before deciding to move to Nashville and picking up the marketing for The Radon Guy. That's not all! Zane also installs systems and helps John with the day-to-day operations. Outside of work, Zane enjoys eating Mexican food and playing with his dog Quinn.


James Guidry

Radon Installation Specialist. Extreme handyman. Rockstar. James makes up one half of our dedicated radon installation crew. When James isn't installing radon systems, you can probably find him fixing up his house or making some sweet tunes.

Matt DeMaio

The other half of our dynamic installer duo! Matt knows a thing or two about radon mitigation systems. Also a musician, Mattie plays the drums and the guitar. He's just a kid from Kingston Springs, but whatever you do, don't challenge this guy to a fish-off.

The Radon Guy

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